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Extreme weather, natural disasters, and violence have turned much of the world into a wasteland. The fabric of society is fraying, with rampant polarization, the crumbling of democratic institutions, and the rise of corporate-driven totalitarianism. Unchecked technologies are deepening existing rifts and opening up new arenas of exploitation. Yet life goes on.

The stories in Collapse Years examine the struggle for survival and the meaning of being human in an increasingly hostile reality.

In Seniority, a mid-level corporate manager balances a promising opportunity with the need to keep his family safe as a lethal epidemic spreads through the city.

In Hantu, refugees from a flooded island see a ray of hope when their dilapidated internment camp is taken over by a transnational company – but become plagued with ghosts.

In Line of Duty, a private sector enforcer charged with shutting down charity clinics investigates a conspiracy that might reach all the way up to the top corporate echelons.

In War of the Rats, two soldiers manning a remote outpost stumble on a discovery that could change their lives – if it doesn’t kill them first.

Collapse Years is our future, in progressive ruin.

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