Privacy Policy

Effective July 4, 2020

Eh. We’re big believers in privacy and hold transparency as paramount, so we don’t harvest your data. Unfortunately, the reason for this privacy policy, and the truth of the matter, is that merely accessing the internet means that your data is being collected and we can’t be liable for that.

As such, we aren’t interested in harassment or coercion (see obnoxious join-a-mail-list pop-ups or forcing you to make an account for purchases), but certain government agencies (depending on your location and other factors) and tech giants will be collecting your data and we can’t stop that. Heck, this website, like much of US (if not world) internet, is built off of WordPress and Google technology (so they had claimed). As far as we are concerned, the only thing that we collect, if that term must be used, is the information that you provide us, and, frankly, we aren’t particularly interested in that either.

We just want to sell you books and make sure you are satisfied with our service. Simple. Period. Quack! (Have we quacked on long enough about this?)

The long and short of our privacy policy is that we don’t want your information and we can’t stop other companies from harvesting and using your data. C’est la vie.

***Note for the explicit purpose of fulfilling all privacy policy related legal requirements: internet users agree that they hold no illusions that their data is not, in fact, being recorded and hold The Mad Duck Coalition not responsible/liable/at fault for any data collections and transmissions that happen on it’s site, through third parties (such as PayPal and Amazon), and any other means and mediums of data collection, storage, and transmission. Additionally, should users have any questions or concerns about the content of this privacy policy, or the policy itself, they agree to use the contact form below to reach us and allow us to react to the problems and/or concerns. Users agree to assume the worst (because that’s how the laws are written), even though The Mad Duck Coalition does not use their information for anything beyond customer service and fulfillment.

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