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Jeffrey, the proud Editor-in-Chief of this fine flock, graduated magna cum laude from Emerson College in Writing, Literature, and Publishing; got his MFA from Sarah Lawrence College in Creative Writing; and gathered experience across almost every aspect of the publishing process, before even enrolling in Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism’s Publishing Course. He is a proud member of Wikipedia and The Scholars’ Portal, hosted and organized by Adam Smith Works. His interests include working on his personal postfact novels, systemology, and a solid happy hour.

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Ben, our non-fiction specialist, has obtained numerous awards for his essay expertise. His works have been published in prestigious college journals, from Cornell to Oxford (yes, that one). He graduated Vassar college with a BA in English, minoring in Music and Philosophy, having presided over their English Committee and Critical Journal. He now works to complete his MPhil at Cambridge, English PhD at Tufts, and serve Yale Press (and The MDC) to the best of his abilities!

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